Hello all,

 Here is a initial write-up of what I believe we need to focus on in state government and what I will be working on as your House District 114 representative. I believe in being practical with our government, because for me, practical matters.

 -I believe in what I call “lean and clean” government, meaning that I will work hard to make sure that our state government avoids unnecessary expenditures and that it is free of corruption and open to examination. I believe in electing representatives that want to make government as good as it can be.

 -I believe families are the basic building block of society, and I support policies that will help families get ahead and succeed.

 -Improving the infrastructure of our state and our district is vitally important, from roads and bridges to parks and public spaces. We must have people in office that have the drive to make this happen.

 -Energy policy has been terribly mismanaged in our state and we must act quickly to get ourselves back on track. This is another issue that I am prepared to tackle head on.

 -I support excellence in public schools as a basic practical matter for our state and our district.

 -Personal responsibility and initiative are crucially important, and I believe that they should be rewarded.  But I also believe that we have structural issues -- for instance with poverty, with drug abuse, and with mental illness -- that need to be addressed, and that we should use our government to address these issues.

 As I’ve said, I believe these are practical matters which need to be practically addressed, and I am committed to working hard on our district’s and our state’s behalf to make that happen.

 I thank you for your time. Dan P. Jones for the House! - Because practical matters.

 Dan P. Jones